Welcome to huntingtonbeach.rockharbor.org! – RH Huntington Beach

Welcome to huntingtonbeach.rockharbor.org!

Welcome to the new home for RHHB! The communications team has labored day and night for many months to see this project come to fruition. They worked with our team in HB to ensure that this would be a valuable resource so that we can all be more connected and encouraged to press forward in our faith together.

We want to use this site as more than just a database of our events (though I know keeping straight whether it’s the BBQ or the Bonfire this week will be helpful!). We want to see this site as a celebration of what God has done in our community, and a glimpse into the ongoing storylines of our campus. Furthermore, we would love it to be a place where we can collaborate and pray about the future of our community and our city. How cool will it be to look back years from now and see a record full of people transformed, journeys we took together, and ways we’ve been changed and grown as a result?

To make that happen we need YOU! We’ll be providing some content in line with what we’re learning in HB, and any events on the horizon, but we would love your participation. That means checking back here to see the latest, and submitting your own stories so they can be shared with the greater HB community.

At its worst the internet can confuse and distract our lives, but when used at its best, it can bring us together. We’re looking forward to seeing how we can use this new home as a place of expressing our growing identity in Christ, increasing our connections as family, and mobilizing us toward mission in Huntington Beach.

– Andrew Schey, RHHB Campus Pastor